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Whale Whale Whale

“Kylie, you should start a blog!”


What do you mean, “start a blog”? I HAVE a blog. Albeit I don’t update it probably as much as I should and it’s more of my previous cancer journey with speckles of my current being, but I still technically have a blog.

But I know what they mean.

There is not a week that goes by that one of my friends’ texts, DMs, or messages me asking for food recommendations in the Houston area, and they are incessant about me starting a food blog. As much as I love cooking and dancing around the kitchen for myself, sometimes (most times) my lifestyle leads me to eat meals out more. Which, ya know, is cool too.

So here I am, after years of being begged, starting a new blog, a food blog

But not just a food blog.

Oh no no. I am a multi-faceted person and thus this will be a multifaceted blog.

So here we go, starting a new journey, a fresh journey.

Doing big things and buying myself really big rings, whether onion or amethyst.

Here’s to enjoying the ride,


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