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Spring Cleaning

I know, I know, it’s only January, but that doesn’t stop Texas from feeling like springtime already. So, here I sit, on the edge of a cold, thanks to the continuous weather changes and my weakened immune system.

**Fair disclaimer, I absolutely hate being sick. Hate it. I have a daily list of things I need to cross off and it irks me greatly when I don’t get it all done. **

Anyways, I figure now is a good time to go through my clothes. Mainly because I know wherever my August move takes me, I can’t take it all with me, and that’s when I realize that it applies to people too. There are so many people who I feel ‘obligated’ to be following or friends with on social media that I rarely talk to or snap. Isn’t that weird? Feeling obliged to have someone on a social media friends list just because of an organization you are or were in and a bond that was forged a time ago, but barely stands today? I think so, which is why I’ve started going through my social media and deleting and unfollowing those people. Joel Osteen hands down said it best, “Maybe they are at a different level in their growth but they’re not right for you this season. This is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, letting go of people that are not supposed to be in our lives.”

And I’m okay with that.

Spring Cleaning can mean cleaning out your life in different ways, whether it be the clothes you keep, the old notes, the books you don’t touch anymore, or the people that you keep in your life that you maybe should let go of.

I know personally I’ll be looking at the people I surround myself with, as well as material items such as clothes and books that I begin to hand off to people who want and need them more than I do now. I encourage you to look at your life, see what places that really need to be Spring Cleaned, the places that you always held on to and were too scared of letting go. These places are the ones I challenge you to tackle and make a positive change.

If you need extra motivation, click on the Joel Osteen quote and it'll direct you to a song that for sure motivates me to be better and work towards being the best me I can be!

Let me know what that is and how it works out for you!

Peace n Blessings,



You can donate books to your local library, and clothes to your nearest goodwill!

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