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Back, by Popular Demand

My oh my it's been some time since I've posted anything! Life got hectic and I honestly couldn't find ways to put it into the right words, or if I even wanted to.

Right so, let's review the new!

February 21, 2017

Ya Girl turned 21 and rang it in with a hattrick before heading out to celly with family.

Later that same week I headed up to good ole Dallas to watch some hockey and celly with friends! Surprisingly, I think I'm a hockey person now? Which is dope. I'm still learning the game, but I pretty much equate it to ice soccer.

I know what you're probably thinking, "KA? In Dallas? Enjoying it?!" Crazy, right? My heart and soul may be in Houston but I'll tell you, Dallas is a special place for me. The skyline isn't as pretty as Houston, but it's a close second. Dallas & the Stars have brought some of the most amazing people and opportunities into my life and I could not be more thankful for that.

March 2017

There was hockey, and a lot of soccer. A lot of bouncing around to play and work out. A lot of duffel bags and sleeping on couches, but I think it's widely documented that I'll do damn near anything to play the game I love. This month was the month that my shoulder finally let me start kickboxing, as well as I decided to get back into the studio for Choreography. I will say, I'm rusty as can be but d a m n does it feel good getting back to things. March 22 rolled around which marks my second year of being cancer free and greenlights me to get all my body scans and such done come April.

April 2017

I decided to love myself and drop my double major, and push to graduate an entire year early come this December. Unfortunately, April also marked the end of the Stars season, which I got to close out with the greatest girls in the game. We're candid, and a good time.

April also means the semester is about to end, and professors decide they want to grade additional term papers last minute *insert eye roll here*. I will say that this is my least stressful April of my college career, but trying to get everything sorted for the summer and next fall has me feeling it just a bit.

Finals are around the corner, and so is preseason. I still haven't made a decision on where I'm playing, but I'm trusting fully in the path that God has laid out for me. I've had some super amazing opportunities presented, and I hope that I can share them with y'all soon!

Peace, Love, n' Puppies,


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