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Custard Wars: Andy's v Connie's

Boy oh boy I've never been so excited to write a post!

If you're a Cypress native, I'm sure you've heard of Connie's. It's basically a rite of passage to experience Connie's either with your family or with your friends during your high school years.

If you're a DFW native, I'm sure you've probably heard of Andy's, and I have no further elaborations on such.

Now, I grew up on Connie's, but was introduced to Andy's this week on my trip in DFW.

First up is Andy's:

We went to Andy's around 10 pm on a Tuesday night, so it wasn't even remotely busy. I ended up going for a triple chocolate concrete, which is frozen chocolate custard blended with chocolate chip cookie dough and melted chocolate chip.

You might think this was too chocolatey but surprisingly it was the perfect amount!

Then we have Connie's:

I grew up going here, and it is hands down my number 1 custard place in Houston. My order at Connie's is simply their chocolate chip concrete, which is vanilla frozen custard with chocolate chips blended all the way through. Sounds simple, is simple, but is all encompassing of yumminess.

In my so humble and yummy opinion, Connie's takes the cake (or custard?) in this match up. I could eat Connie's custard plain, but Andy's for sure had to have the extras added in to even be considered in the same league as Connie's.

That being said, if you haven't tried Connie's, get down to Cypress for the best custard in Texas (so far).

If you have any other places you think are better than Connie's or that I should try, leave a comment and let me know!

Love and Puppies,


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