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Christmas For Her || 6 Things She'll Love

*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, and I hold no rights to any of the pictures*

Ah yes, my favorite time of year. It’s full of family, holiday cheer, and gift giving, something I am great at. For some, however, the struggle is finding the perfect gift for the lady in your life. If you’re one of those people, fear not! This post is for you!

I polled ladies 18-26 on their top 5 Christmas list items just to help you out, and even hyperlinked you to each of the items listed below!

First of all, the Target dollar section (aka Bullseye’s Playground) is your friend. Learn it, live it, love it. This area that is super affordable is the home of items 1, 2, and 4 on the list.

  1. 1) Socks

Ladies love socks, that’s just how it is. You can find dollar festive socks in Bullseye’s Playground or you can go all in for Target’s Winter 12 Days of Socks Set. Bullseye’s Playground also has fuzzy socks for $2.50 a pair, but whatever floats your boat.

2) Candles

These are two of my favorite scents, providing a bit of difference on the price spectrum. First we have the Snuggly Sweater scent from Chesapeake Bay Candles, which is only $6.50 at Target.

The second scent is Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. It's currently on sale for $12.50 instead of it's original $22.50.

3) Cozy Blankets

You can find these pretty much anywhere, but the best deal right now is at Kohl's. They have a sale on their Supersoft Plush Throw for only $8.99 from its usual $39.99 with options on multiple different patterns.

4) Adult Themed Board Games

I'm very blessed to have some intelligent, creative friends in this world. Two of these friends in particular have adult board games out that I am shamelessly plugging here below. You can't play Cards Against Humanity at every social gathering, so might as well spice it up with something new!

That's What She Said, found in Target for only $25

While you're at it, might as well get the First Expansion Pack for only $9.99

Straight off their own website, What Do You Meme? comes in at $29.99 with expansion pack options at $12.99 each

5) Sorority Apparel

Seeing as I'm a Greek alumna myself, it would make sense that this makes my list. There are several different companies you can get sorority specific apparel from, but my two favorite are The Social Life and University Tees. You can also search your sorority of choice on Etsy for handcrafted Greek themed gifts!


Girls love mugs. Girls love coffee. Girls love tea. Girls love mugs. There are so so so many places you can get cute mugs. My personal favorite shop is Target, where you can get THIS cute mug for only $5.99!

Honorable Mentions:

+ Giftcards/Money

+ Vinyl Records (I recommend using Amazon)

+ Make Up (Not an expert but have heard amazing reviews on Fenty Beauty)

+ Job Specific Items (Shout out to all my Teacher ladies)

+ Movies or Books

+ Bath Bombs

Hope this helps you on your Christmas Shopping Adventure! Let me know what your favorite item is in the comments below!

Peace, Love, and Christmas Cheer,


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