• Kylie Austin

The Importance of Shopping Local

With chain retailers offering competitive prices and convenience, it is becoming even more imperative to make an effort to support your local businesses. Not only are you helping stimulate the local economy, but also, you have the opportunity to see your dollars at work.

Many times, consumers see shopping at local/family owned businesses as a burden, as it is not as convenient or not as cheap as the chain retailers in the surrounding areas. However, what you get from supporting local far surpasses the discounts offered at those chain retailers (with a higher quality, too).

So, let’s break this down:

Q: Why is it sometimes more costly to support local businesses than chain retailers?


Local/family owned business are not buying stock in the thousands, thus making their price per product higher than chain retailers.

Support. Them. Anyway.

When it comes to paying higher prices, you’re also paying for a better quality. Shopping local/family owned means that any profits made are the family’s livelihood, so they’re keenly aware of how important the tiniest of details are when you come into contact with the business.

As a product of a family owned business in Houston, Texas, I can give you an insight to how supporting family owned & local businesses has been a chain reaction within the community.

Our family business is Rick Austin Auto Sales, where we sell used cars. Every time we sold a car or received a car payment, the profits of which helped us:

-Pay our bills:

Yes, we own our own business, and yes, we have bills to pay just like you do.

-Build a college fund:

My parents blessed me immensely by saving money for college from day 1 in this world (I turn 23 next week), which was done by saving money brought in from car sales.

-Play Soccer:

This is a big one. By people buying cars from us, I was able to play club soccer. Here’s where you’ll see the chain reaction begin. Through soccer, there were many charitable causes I was able to give to, whether it is donations, my time, or my knowledge. One of my favorites is the annual Kick Cancer Soccer Camp, which raises money for the Curing Children’s Cancer fund, as well as awareness. (This will come back around in a minute).

I went on to play college soccer, thus being able to accomplish one of my dreams/goals since stepping on a competitive pitch when I was 9 years old. Through college soccer, I was given the opportunity to assist with recruiting efforts. I was able to assist 8 players with accomplishing a dream to play college ball. During my college soccer career, I started training players and working with them 1 on 1 in order to get them ready for college showcases and college ID camps. Every single player I’ve worked with has gone on to play in college. Some of which would not be able to attend these dream schools without a soccer scholarship.

-Beat Cancer:

I was 18 when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I am insanely blessed to be from Houston, where I could receive treatment from M.D. Anderson. For every person that bought a car during my battle, you helped keep me alive and beat cancer. After my personal battles with cancer, participating in the Kick Cancer Camp took on a new meaning. I return to the camp annually to speak to the players and jump in on games.

-Provide Hurricane Harvey Relief:

We were here. We rode it out with yall. We were blessed to not go under, and we immediately started moving in any way we could in order to help our community out. Through donations, running the nerve center out of our church, and providing solutions for those with flooded out cars, we made sure to give back to the community and help rebuild it any way we could.

To recap, by buying your car at Rick Austin Auto Sales, you have given me the opportunity to realize my dreams, accomplish them, go to college, beat cancer, and continuously give back to the community that has given me so much.

Every time you shop local, you’re creating a deeper bond between the business and the community. You can tangibly see where your money is going and what you’re supporting. There are so many businesses that willingly display the family growth and accomplishments with their patrons, but you have to go invest in order to see it.

By investing in your local/family owned businesses, you’re investing in your community, you’re investing in your neighbors, and you’re investing in your future.

If you have any questions on alternatives to chains or places to try, feel free to contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction!

Peace, love, & supporting local/family owned,


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