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Studio Series: Stretch Zone

To kick off this series, I'm starting with Stretch Zone, which is a practitioner assisted stretching studio. There are a lot of common misconceptions with stretching; the biggest of which being that this type of stretching is only useful for your gym rat and high caliber athletes. IT IS NOT. Stretching is important for everyone of all fitness levels, because we all have muscles. Regardless of if all you do is lift a potato chip to your mouth or are in the gym 7 days a week, stretching is imperative for our bodies.

So let's get into it:

Your first session at Stretch Zone is COMPLIMENTARY. That's right, free 99 baby. The staff are incredibly bubbly, but not in an overly-bubbly, creepy way. It's just enough to where you feel excited to see how this service benefits your body, as well as feeling comfortable enough to be stretched by a total stranger.

They offer you a bottle of water before heading back into the office to explain the process and how Stretch Zone works. The staff is fantastic at describing what to expect, as well as making note of any and all problem areas that you may have so that they can address them in the session. Each session is tailored to what your specific needs are for that specific session. For my complimentary session, we worked on opening up my hips, as I'm returning from a hip dislocation and have issues with the muscles in that area.

During the session, the practitioner was great at explaining how these stretches were working in my problem areas, as well as maintaining a friendly conversation. Sometimes in these situations, conversations are forced or awkward at best, but this conversation was free flowing and invested. It brought another level of comfort and relaxation, which is important when stretching your muscles.

Boy, lemme tell you how great I felt at the end of the session. I walked in a bundle of soreness and I walked out a brand new woman. Not only was I not stiff and sore, but I also was totally relaxed.

At the completion of the session, we returned to the office to discuss pricing and packages, which gets broken down below.

I am bouncing all across Texas, and expanding to the rest of the country, so I opted to go for the $50 session when I'm in town. I like that they offer these single packages, as it fits better with my schedule.

So when I break these studios down for reviews, I have a checklist:

1) Affordability

2) Level of Comfort

3) Atmosphere/Vibes

4) Effectiveness

5) Will I do it again?

Stretch Zone knocks my checklist out of the park:

1) $50 for a 30 minute session that takes away my stress, tension, and soreness is absolutely affordable and worth it in my book.

2) I was at ease the entire time at Stretch Zone. From the minute I walked through the doors to the minute I got off the table, I had full ease and trust that my body was being taken care of

3) It has great lighting and neutral colors to increase calmness and increase your level of comfort. It is still a professional space, but not to where it's uncomfortable for clients. I'm a massive vibes person and rely on my gut feeling, and not once did I get a bad vibe or uncomfortable feeling while in Stretch Zone.

4) Y'all I cannot yell loud enough about how life changing these services are. I'm not kidding when I say I walked in as a bundle of soreness and walked out a new woman. This is insanely effective and I will sing its praises to whoever will listen (or read)

5) Yes, Si, of course, absolutely, undoubtedly I will be back multiple times. There's a highly likely chance that you will probably run into me there at one point.

They have locations ALL OVER THE STATES! To find your location, click here! Let them know Kylie Austin from The Holy Trinity Blog sent ya!

Regardless of your athletic and fitness status, I fully recommend you check out Stretch Zone. The first session is free! What are you waiting for?

Peace, Love, & Flexibility,


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