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Boho Valley Boutique Mini Haul

Hello, Howdy, Hey!

Super excited to share with y'all what is easily my new favorite boutique, Boho Valley Boutique!

As yall know, I love being able to support small business, and it's even better when they're female owned as well! I had the amazing opportunity of connecting with Boho's owner, Stacy, on a collaboration.

If you follow me on any social media, you know just how frequently I wear these pieces, and how much I am OBSESSED with them!

So let's get to it:

The first piece I received it this gorgeous Olive Bomber Jacket! My style is very sporty chic, so for the first wear I threw it on over an Adidas tee & Nike leggings for a Dallas Stars hockey game. Not only did the color blend with the Stars' green team color scheme, but it kept me perfectly warm rink-side.

I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS, both drunk and sober, on this bomber! It fits my shoulders & long arms, and has enough pockets to make any woman excited!

There are so many ways that you can style this, and it was extremely affordable!

The next two pieces I got were this super cozy, crazy comfy matching Striped Bra & Leggings Set:

I am working out nearly every day and always on the move, so I know a good sports bra and lemme tell yall..... THIS IS IT! The bra is crazy comfy, perfectly supportive for literally any activity from HIIT, yoga, or just running errands. IT IS A DREAM.

You would think that there's no possible way that a matching set like this could get a Five Star review, but here we sit.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Nike short girl, and that I pretty much live in them and swear by them. I've been very slow getting on the leggings trend; the only leggings I own being gifts from family at Christmas. When it comes down to it, my preference is Nike shorts over leggings....and then....I met these leggings, and boy, did the game change.

These leggings are comfy, form fitting, compliment your body, perfect for every workout and errand running, and a gem on those long travel days. I swear up and down by them, and they are my go to when they're not dirty.

The set itself is super cute, withstands multiple workouts of different varieties, and I feel confident and comfortable when I'm wearing them.

The Racing Stripes Athletic Leggings come in at $30, which is insane for the quality, and you can grab them HERE

The Racing Stripes Sports Bra comes in at $24, and it is beyond worth it! You can grab it HERE

I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with the quality, comfort, and styling of all my pieces. Not only is this boutique beautifully curated, but the owner is such a gem of a human being, and that's not even the best part of it. Boho Valley Boutique offers a loyalty reward program, a VIP Facebook group you can join to view all of the incoming styles before they are released, AND grab bags of styles that are like a slick's of Christmas at any time of the year.

I'm so excited to watch how this boutique continues to grow, and will be a customer for life!

Happy Shopping!


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