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Let's Get Spherical: What is Sphere and Why You Should Join

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After fielding several questions from friends and followers, I figured I'd address my love for Sphere in a full blog post. This is NOT a sponsored post, but purely something that I love so heartily that I want everyone else to get a slice on what is undoubtedly one of the best fitness experiences I've ever experienced.

What IS Sphere?

Sphere is a soccer-inspired fitness concept founded by former Houston Dynamo player, Michael Chabala. There are 5 different classes, all of which last 45 minutes long each! You do not have to be a soccer player or have played soccer to join. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SOCCER PLAYER. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SOCCER PLAYER.


Tell me about the classes:

There are 5 different classes: Sole, Bala, Powa, 45, and the classic, Sphere.

Sole: Great for building technical skills and getting touches in on the ball. This is the class to take if you wanna build up your soccer skills and get more touches on the ball. You'll also get a bit of game play in towards the end of the class!

Bala: 45 minutes of pick up indoor soccer. Personally one of my favorites because of the different skill sets and just how enjoyable it is. Unlike a lot of pick up scenarios, you never have to worry about someone taking it too far and a tackle leading to injury. It's definitely one of the safer spaces to grow as a player.

Powa: is based out of the 4 seasons hotel, and is a full body workout in the gym. I can't speak much on this because it's the one class I haven't taken (yet)

45: no ball work, full body work. Every day has a different focus/target area, which coaches may mention on their instagram stories if you check them out! The 45 class is similar to the Sphere class, but without any playing breaks. Full body Full time.

Sphere: This is the 'flagship' course. It mixes body work with playing breaks so you can reset and get a little rest while playing. This is the class I think that I do the most, as well as bala.

Photo Cred: Moretza Safataj, @safatajphoto

What makes Sphere so great?

Sphere is hands down one of the best, if not THE best, fitness experience I've ever had. From the workout itself, to the facilities, to the coaches, and to the club members, you will be hard pressed to find an environment as positive as this one within fitness.

As someone who struggles with social anxiety, I find it hard to put myself into new scenarios. This is especially true in fitness, because there's always the 'clique' of regulars that get buddy buddy and aren't entirely inclusive. With Sphere, this is not the case. The first time I walked into Sphere club, the environment was already electric, and I was greeted by one of the coaches immediately. The coaches went out of their way to introduce me to at least 5 other members, and even members introduced themselves to me unprompted as they walked in. I was blown away. Any anxiety I had absolutely melted away within my first 5 minutes in the building, and that was before I even tried the workout!

You would think that it couldn't get better, but it does. Going into the workout, there's full positivity. The environment is still electric. You're getting high fives and 'I'm glad you're here!'s from strangers. You don't feel like a stranger and neither do they. You are warmed up properly before going into the workout itself. It's high energy all the time and the positivity and encouragement lasts the entire workout. I'm not even kidding. You may be struggling at some points but there's at least 5 people patting your back, giving you a high five, and letting you know that you're killing it. I'm not kidding. You can do the workout at your own pace and no one is judging you. Everyone is supporting you and glad you're there.

After the workout, the positive environment continues. Literally, I cannot begin to emphasize that there are no bad days at Sphere. I've walked in upset about something and I'm not within 10 minutes at the most. It's hard to not feel good in this environment. Everyone is exhausted but sitting on the benches laughing and joking, and if it's a Thursday, asking if you're coming to the club's #NoShowerHappyHour.

I've been in numerous locker rooms on many levels of sport, and let me tell you, this is hands down one of the best locker rooms and teams I've ever been apart of. I have been traveling for work and nursing a nagging hip flexor so I haven't been in Sphere for a month plus or so, and I still get included in things. I still get reached out to asking how I am and how things are going and that I'm missed by both coaches and other members. As cliche as it is, this isn't just a club or a team but it truly is an ever-growing family.

So is it affordable?

YES. Holy puppies it is so affordable!

If you're a new member you can get a 17 day trial for $46. That's 17 days of one class a day for $46. That's about $6.57 per class for those 17 days. You don't find new member deals like this.

If you're not wanting to dive in that fast, as a new member you can get your 'first kick' for $7.

If you're looking to commit after falling in love with Sphere like I did, you can get a 45 membership, which is $99 for a month of one class a day. For two classes a day for the month, you're looking at the 90 membership, which is only $150 a month.

If you're really bout it, you can purchase a membership for the YEAR, which gives you 2 classes a day for all 365 days, for $1,746.

But I still don't want to go alone:

Contact me! I'll go with you! I'm so serious. This is such a great experience and I want everyone to be able to experience it and see why I love it so much. I guarantee you'll be hooked by the end of your first workout! Bring a friend! Bring 5 friends! Let's get y'all into the line up!

This is just a summary and my point of view about Sphere. I've been asked by several friends who are interested for a post like this, so if I missed anything, feel free to reach out or check Sphere out at www.sphere.club!

You won't regret it!

Let's keep the ball rolling!



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