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What's a Scouting Report?

May 27, 2019


Hello - Howdy - Hi - Thanks for Stopping By! 


The more I continue to blog; you’ll see more of what I call ‘Scouting Reports’. These are quick information posts that are efficient in getting you what you need to know without the fluff. 


As an athlete and someone who recruits athletes for organizations, I’ve had my name across several scouting reports. I find that they are helpful and efficient, and decided to bring this concept over into my blogging escapades. 


I’ve already done one scouting report for Easter dresses, which you can view HERE, so you can check out what the Kylie Austin Scouting Report entails. 


With this post, I showcase different stores, different price points, and why they make my report – this could be anything from how breathable the dresses are to how soft they are to how they fit various body types. 


I do the work so that you can make informed decisions on whether it’s for you or not. 


I’m not here to give you a ‘this one time at band camp’ piece when it comes to scouting reports. You’re getting the essentials and you’re getting them without having to hear a vaguely relevant story to the post subject. 


Get ready yall - it’s Scouting SZN! 





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